Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I make a banner inactive?

    In order to make a banner inactive, set the banner's WEIGHT to 0. This will ensure your banner becomes INACTIVE and no further impressions of this banner are shown.

  2. Where can I see my earned or stored advertising credits?

    In the interest of all participants and the balancing of the Network. does not store user earned advertising credits. This helps with avoiding backlogs and with providing 100% delivery.

    All advertising credits are immediately spent. Even if you do not upload any banners into your account, no credits are saved or stored for later use.

  3. Do I have to upload a banner set for each game?

    No. You do not need to upload banners for each game. Only games you would like to actively promote.

    You do have the ability to delete or inactivate any banner not in use.

  4. Can I create multiple accounts?

    We understand that occasionally, for certain developers it becomes necessary to have multiple accounts in order to keep their house in check. We do permit this, but at the same time reserve the right to refuse membership if we believe our service is being abused in any way.

  5. Can I have multiple banners on the screen at the same time?

    No. The SDK is designed to support only one banner at a time. We do not want the games being cluttered with too many More Gamers banners.

  6. How do i close my More Gamers account?

    Please contact us using the contact form here.

  7. My game hasn't had any extra downloads since adding the More Gamers SDK?

    1. Please check that you have correctly implemented the More Gamers SDK and also check that you have configured the SDK using the correct game ID?
    2. Do other game banners show up in your own game?
    3. Have you uploaded your banners to the control panel and have they been approved?
  8. Do games advertise themselves?

    If the correct corresponding game ID is used in your game, it will not show banners of itself.

  9. How do I view stats by platform?

    To view stats by platform, simply mouse over any of the stats graphs and you will be presented with your stats broken down by each platform.

  10. What is the difference between the Public Network and Private Network option?

    We offer our users two options when using our service. All users are placed into the Public Network by default.

    While in the Public Network, your banners can potentially be displayed in any of the games in the Public Network and similarly all the games in the Public Network can have their banners appear in your games.

    In the Private Network, everything remains within your games. Only your banners are shown within your own games. With the exception of a small percentage of our own adverts.

    This option is recommended for anyone with two or more live games in any single platform or App Store. This option also gives you more control, if you are conscience about what games appear in your own games. It also facilitates brand awareness if that is your aim.

  11. Can I choose which games my banners appear on?

    Not if you are in the Public Network. If you are in the Private Network it will be mostly your own games appearing.

  12. What format does the Apple App Store URL require?

    You can get the iTunes URL by logging into iTunes Connect and click on the "View In App Store" link. The URL will look like this:

  13. What format does the Google Play Store URL require?

    Using your web browser, go to the Google Play Store and find your game page where you can copy and paste the URL. The URL will look like this:

  14. What format does the Amazon App Store URL require?

    The Amazon App Store URL cannot be found via a browser so you must build this yourself. The URL should look like this:

  15. What format does the Windows App Store URL require?

    The URL for the Windows App Store needs to be compiled using the following format:

    Tip: The game id can be obtained by logging into the Windows App Store using a browser and finding your game. The id can be found inside the URL.

  16. Where do i get started?

    You can read our full getting started guide by following this link.