1. Open the moregamers-unity-sdk-x.x.x.unitypackage file and import the whole package

  2. Add the prefab called "MoreGamers" to the FIRST scene and fill in the "More Gamers Game ID" with your game ID which can be found at

  3. Add the prefab called "MoreGamers Listener" to the FIRST scene
  4. When you want to load an banner call MoreGamers.Instance.banner(); to load a square banner. If you are using javascript you will have to call MoreGamers.Instance.banner(MG.Enums.BannerSize.Square); instead because javascript does not support default parameters.

    Or call MoreGamers.Instance.banner(MG.Enums.BannerSize.Rectangular); to load a rectangular banner.

  5. Once you have called the MoreGamers.Instance.banner(); method and if the banner was received successfully the OnBannerReceivedHandler will be called. This is where you can handle the way you will display the banner.

    However if an error occurs the OnBannerFailedToLoadHandler method from the MoreGamersListener will be called